How It Works

How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

Have you always heard about the hype of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency but are unsure how to dive in, with Coinleaves we offer you a simple, secure and speedy process that lets you jump right in. simple as ABC : 

A Account - Create a Coinleaves Account

Sign up on our website to create a new account, it's a matter of a few minutes, confirm your account by clicking on the link sent to you through our confirmation email.

B – Buying, Verify yourself to start buying

Next simply upload your National ID, Passport or Drivers license. Once our system verifies the authenticity of your documents you can get cleared to purchase up to €20,000.

C- Coins, Coins, COINS!

YES ! that's right now that you are set up you simply enter your wallet address where you wish to send/store your funds and follow through to finish the transaction.